The human aura is both an energy field and a reflection of the subtle life energies within the body. These energies make us what we are, and in turn are affected by our surroundings and life style. The aura reflects our health, character, mental activity and emotional state. It also shows disease - often long before the onset of symptoms.

Close to the skin is the etheric aura. It is a pale, narrow band that outlines the body and is usually no more than half an inch wide. It looks like milky smoke clinging to the body.

The main aura is banded around the body - strata like. Imagine a person with thick, coloured hoops of light draped over them and you get the idea. These colours emanate from the psychic centres (or chakras). Basic energy is drawn up from the planet through the feet and fed into the chakras, much like a plant does with water. Each chakra is a transformer that generates energy of a different type and colour. The strength, activity and colour tone of each chakra, depends on the person's character, personality, emotional state and life style. Together they generate the dominant hue of the aura.

The aura is photo-sensitive and expands to many times its normal size in sunlight. The aura chakra system can be likened to a tree. Energy/nutrient is drawn up through the feet/roots and fed through the body/trunk to the chakras/leaves. The aura also absorbs energy from other energy sources around us, like sunlight and ozone, plants and other people.

Why most people fail to see Aura?

The reason most people fail to see the aura is simply the way they go about it. The human aura is not a good training ground for the beginner. This is what usually happens: Your volunteer sits and waits, for a long time, while you strain for a glimpse of their aura. You are trying to relax and concentrate and master a tricky visual technique, all at the same time. You subconsciously worry about what they are thinking of you. Are they getting bored or impatient? Do they think you foolish, a failure, or both? The tension caused by this pressure negates the subtle energy and calm mental state needed to see the aura. Trying to get results, under this kind of pressure, as a beginner, is next to impossible.

Plus we have special techniques given by the Master to see beyond the human eye - rudimentory clairvoyance.