MCKS Pranic Healing Centre & Research Institute.
H.No. 188, Gunrock Enclave,
Phase 2, Secunderabad - 500009
Telephone: +91 040 2781 7027
mobile: +91 9391005286

Prana coloured by the thoughts of the sender may be projected to persons at a distance, who are willing to receive it, and the healing can be done this way. The mechanism of pranic distant healing is similar to that of the telephone. You are able to contact another person because your telephone line is linked to the other person's line.

The healer and the patient are interconnected because their etheric or energy bodies are part of the earth's etheric body. Therefore, the pranic healer heals the patients at a distance because their energy bodies are interconnected. The ability to scan a patient at a distance is something that has to be developed through regular practice.

If you have any disease or ailment, send your photograph along with the following details :

  • Full Name
  • Male/Female
  • Father/Husband's name
  • Disease/Ailment (Complete details)
  • Address
  • Tel No.
  • E-mail (if any)


Anyone who wants to get healed for any disease/ailment should send us his/her photograph detailing the type of disease.