The invisible luminous energy field, which follows the contour of the visible physical body, is called inner aura.

The inner aura of the affect part is reduced to about two inches or less. For example, nearsighted persons usually have pranic depletion around the eye areas. The inner aura around eye area may be smaller than two inches. However, there are cases in which an eye may suffer pranic depletion and congestion simultaneously. The more severe the sickness, the smaller is the affected inner aura. There are cases in which the affected inner aura has been reduced to half an inch or less. Feeling the inner aura is called scanning.

In pranic depletion and congestion, the surrounding fine meridians or bioplasmic channels are partially or severely blocked. It means prana cannot flow freely in and out around the affected area. These affected areas are seen as light gray to dark gray in color. If the affected areas are inflamed, then they appear muddy red; with some cancer cases, they appear muddy yellow, with appendicitis, muddy green; and with some cases of ear problems, muddy orange.