Adderess: hyderabad


Healer: Shanta Kumari

I was suffering from sinusitis for the past five years and during my pregnancy it was more worse. I was introduced to pranic healing by my sister-in-law. I was willing to undergo this treatment after the very first treatment, I experienced a tremendous relaxation. And a few sessions later it was completely relived. Now I am blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Till now there is no sign of sinusitis. Thanks for pranic healing.

(signed) Daksha
May 15 2009




Healer:Shanta Kumari

It was in the year 2007 November on medical examination ,it was diagnosed that both my kidneys were 60% failure due to which my creatine level was high. I tried all therapies for about 6 months no improvement, then one of my friend recommended me Pranichealing . I began the therapy in the month of May within onemonth my creatine levels had lowered and my heamoglobin content became normal then for few more months the healing session continued and my creatine level was normal and i became healthy nad i could resume my business normal.Thanks for Pranic Healing which made my life normal and healthy.

(signed) Srinivas
Dec 15 2008

Name: Satyanarayana

Address: Bangalore

Age: 33

Healer:Shanta Kumari

I had been admitted to hospital due to my breathlessness and was diagnosed as left ventricle dysfunction. The doctors told me that I should take rest for 6 months. I took leave from my mnc and came to Hyderabad and was under medication. I was searching for alternatives then I found Pranic healing very interesting. Then I called up the local healer and started the healing sessions. After three months I was to get myself medically checked to review my medicines. After all the tests the doctors were surprised and told me that now you are fit to join your job. I cancelled my leave and joined my organization and I had learnt Basic pranichealing but could not do my Advanced course because of my hectic schedule. Now also whenever I feel stressed out I do self healing.

(signed) Satyanarayana
Jan 7 2009